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I've been lucky to have been able to perfrom with so many amazing musicians in my band over the years. Each one of them have helped fullfill my vision and have helped me grow along the way. This have come a long way since my first (lonley) gig at Bar Sputnik in Brooklyn. The following is the band that helped me make IV come alive... 
IV - Band (2019)
Tripp Dudley (drums & tabla)

I have worked with Tripp since 2011 and really love how he approaches the drums and tabla. The trickiest part with a tabla in a rock band is the problem with finding space for the amazing intricacies the instrument produces – but Tripp really knows how to work around it, he knows where it fits and seem to understand my bizarre requests to add tabla sections into an already jam packed sound. He recorded all the percussion for me in The Observer bbut for IV he stepped in and took over on the drums. There are a lot of moving parts in IV but Tripp embodied and made everything come alive in a way that went beyond of what I had envisioned.  More info on Mr. Tripp right here

Eric Allen (cello)
Eric is a multi-instrumentalist musician who has worked with me since 2013. He embodies the spirit of what I am trying to do. He's sensibilities as a cello player is fantastic and no matter what I throw his way he's up for the challenge. He is classically trained but fits right into this merge of Progressive Rock and Classical writing. I love strings that can both be beautiful and gritty and Eric has the instinct to capture all of this. His range of musicality stretches from Philharmonics to Indian classical music and he is comfortable in any environment you put him in. For more on Eric and his music please visit his website
Chris Kelly (bass)
Chris - Bassist. Singer. Multi-Instrumentalist. Producer. Engineer. Songwriter. Artist. Screen Painter. NerD1
Bryan Percivall (bass)

Bryan came into this project a year and a half ago and recorded all the bass parts for IV. Recording was limited to 9 hours in the studio and my goal was to get everything down from beginning to end to capture more of a live feel compared to a overly produced album. Bryan helped create a live recording feel for this album and worked very hard perfecting the material. Running through Ten or Felix from beginning to end is no easy task with time and tempo changes, but we got through the tunes in the allotted time and I’m really happy what Bryan contributed to the album. Bryan keeps an active touring and gig schedule - so be sure to check out his website for a chance to hear his music.

The Observer - Band (2013)
Joe Renaud (drums)

has played with me for about 2 years and he did an amazing job on the kit while recording The Observer – we were able to get 9 tracks recorded completely in 11 hours. His relaxed yet hard stride on the drums blended beautifully with the tabla – I’m ever grateful for his dedication to this band. Unfortunately he left New York for San Francisco a few months back. Joe is not only a killer drummer but also an amazing custom leather bag maker. Check out his work here.

Lorenzo Wolff (bass)

he has pretty much been with me on this PHWG band journey since my first gig 3 years ago. He’s solid, dedicated, professional, and really his true love is country music, so when I hand him the score for one of my new tunes he usually looks at me like I have four heads. “Wahhh – how many bars of 16 note arpeggio runs do we have here???” ... Seriously – he’s a trooper, no matter what I throw at him he seems to be able to really gel and glue the whole rhythm section together. Check out Mr. Wolff's stuff right here

Sean Hagerty (violin)

was new to this project, but I really liked what we were able to get recorded on The Observer. He’s a great violin player who is also open to new ideas and no matter how many notes way above the staff I presented he got it done with grace. We actually recorded the strings a few days after Sandy hit New York, so was a bit of a chaotic session but we got it done and I’m really proud of what Sean was able to get recorded. Check out Sean's music and other adventures on his website here.

Raymond Sicam III (cello)

is basically the Steve Vai of the Cello – he’s a true rockstar and virtuoso on his instrument. When ever possible he likes to stand up while playing – and approached the bow like Jimmy Page – when Raymond is finished with his bow there are only a few measly strands of horse hair left. I usually write Iron Maiden style twin guitar lines between the cello and the guitar and Raymond really knows how to get it sounding both like a screaming guitar line and at times plays it like Bach Cello suite prelude. Yeah – he is a true cello star ... Check him out in Cellicentric

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